Who Are We?

Libyan Organization for Information and Communication TechnologyIt is a civil organization affiliated to the Civil Society Commission working in the technical, scientific, educational, research and information technology fields.


This organization was established on August 25, 2020, by many "bloggers, technicians, technicians, an audience and benevolent people in society, for the lofty goals and principles of "awareness, professionalism, impartiality, development, objectivity, transparency, ethics and most importantly." patriotism. and building a better society.


Technical awareness of all segments of Libyan society at the level of “people, public companies, private companies, and government institutions.

The Change

Working to bridge the gap between the Libyan telecom companies and their customers and the legislative authorities in the country, so that this is done by reviewing, suggesting and analyzing:Legal texts and materials

Regulations and Circulars

Decisions and Policies

Our Values






work as one team•