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Bloggers Support project - Libyan Technology Foundation

With the aim of spreading culture and technical awareness, helping to preserve the valuable content of bloggers in all fields, and facilitating the participation of many bloggers with their writings locally and in the Arab world.

We are launching the initiative to establish a support fund to encourage young people to blog, and contribute to the expansion of blogging in the country, allowing bloggers to communicate, educate and influence their ideas, interests, aspirations and voices to people.

What is a Blogger Support Fund?

The Bloggers Support Fund project was launched as one of the initiatives of the Libyan Technology Foundation to support technical bloggers and contribute to removing the obstacles they face in terms of material and scientific and providing appropriate support after meeting the conditions of the blogger to be supported.


  • Easing obstacles for Libyan bloggers.
  • Motivating technical bloggers to write, blog, publish articles and interest in technical fields that serve the citizen and contribute to raising the level of knowledge and culture and benefit the community locally and Arab.
  • Contribute to the quality of scientific production of Libyan content on the Internet and help to promote it.
  • Increasing the blogger’s output of content and enriching the Libyan web with articles and production that help raise his awareness technically, scientifically, cognitively, culturally and educationally.
  • Supporting the continuity of the blogger in his writings and publishing material free of destructive trends.
  • Encourage Libyans to blog on their own websites and channels.
  • Supporting the independence of content creators and bloggers and not being dragged into support with a direction that harms their career.


Technical bloggers and everyone who has the talent of writing, extracting ideas and presenting them in the form of blogs, written articles, visual content on YouTube, or audio podcasts…
Types of Blogs (Technical Blogging):

  • Technical text notation (hyperlinks – articles – news – reports – comparisons – reviews).
  • Technical blogging (everything related to images – wallpapers – images of new devices – new technologies … etc).
  • Technical video blogging (YouTube – Femio – Dailymotion – Facebook (public page).
  • Technical podcasting.

What is the face of the support provided?

The support provided by the Libyan Technology Foundation will not be in the form of financial support provided in the bloggers’ bank accounts, or cash in hand, but after reviewing the blogger’s technical and scientific shortcomings, such as:

  • If we have a technical blogger who owns a page on Facebook only and has valuable writings, the Fund will create it, if it wishes to do so, to provide a complete website (hosting, domain and template) for him and pay its value for an agreed or permanent period to blog and present its content better and wider.
  • If we have another blogger who owns an existing site or blog but is unable to pay the operational values of the site, the Fund will provide full support to the site owner by paying the value of his site for a certain period.
  • If we have a vlogger who doesn’t have a camera or some basic photography tools – a special type of lens – the Fund will provide full support to them by providing them with the shortcomings they need to continue and provide their useful and quality content.
  • If we have a blogger who has a talent for writing and blogging but does not have a computer, the Fund will help him by providing a computer to help him blog in the ways that are appropriate for him.
  • If we have a podcast and don’t have a good audio pickup to record their episodes, the Fund will provide an audio pickup for them to continue providing their content.
  • If the blogger finds it difficult to pay electronically globally, access banking services, or open channels of communication with entities and companies that benefit his production, the Fund bears the difficulties in front of him. 

The above examples are illustrative of the support and are not limited to this type, we may provide broader and greater support to technical bloggers in the future if we create an open blogging space so that they can produce and work in it and have a quiet and appropriate environment. 

Acceptance Criteria:

The blogger must be a balanced and neutral technician with a clear contribution to his field, that is, he has somehow written on various social networks or written down his writings, production and technical content in them, and that he is independent and does not belong to any other company or organization, with the desire to obtain support and a report is submitted from time to time for the progress and the difference that this support has made on the experience as a whole.


  • Be at least 23 years old.
  • Not to do any act that violates Libyan and international law.
  • Respect intellectual property and copyright.
  • The name and description of the site should be unique and not similar to international and local companies.
  • To cite sources in his articles, blogs, photos and videos.
  • Be committed to writing and providing content useful to the community or dedicated groups.
  • To be flexible in dealing.
  • His writings should not be offensive, hostile, and invite incitement or hatred.
  • Not to target any company, organization, entity or persons with offensive or offensive writings.
  • Not to circumvent the organization and the Fund with requests previously owned.
  • To respect the agreement, support, cancellation of subsidies and any events that occur on the subject of support.


In addition to adhering to all terms and regulations, support should not conflict with existing government laws, policies and regulations.

The Libyan Foundation has the full right to accept, reject, cancel or stop support in full to serve the objectives, conditions and policies of the foundation.

This project we present as a contribution from us as an organization in creating bridges of delivery of support to those who deserve it actors in the Libyan society, developing their talents and pushing them strongly and covering the simple and basic needs that may be a barrier to the continuity of a blogger, podcast presenter or creator of unique and distinguished visual content.