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About Us - Libyan Technology Foundation

Libyan Technology Foundation

About Us

Introduction about the Foundation

LTF is a non-profit Foundation, registered by the Civil Society Commission, and was established on the twenty-fifth of August 2020.  

The foundation was established for noble purposes, which were to spread technical awareness, support the development of the communications and information technology sector in Libya, and advance institutional and societal digital transformation. To this end, it exploits all local resources, capabilities, and Libyan competencies, to build a better society, and enable the Libyan citizen to benefit from services. Modern and renewable digital, keeping pace with the rapid development in the world of technology.  

The foundation is doing its best to bring viewpoints closer together and bridge the gap between citizens, Libyan telecommunications companies and legislative bodies in the country, by reviewing legal texts and materials, technical decisions and policies, and presenting proposals and drafts that suit the Libyan situation.  

The foundation’s motto is (Technical Awareness for All), so it intensifies our efforts aimed at contributing to the technical, scientific, awareness, educational, research, and information technology fields and communications, to be proactive and creative in everything that would improve and facilitate the lives of Libyans through technology.  

You can find the renewal of the foundation’s publicity in the link below:

Our mission

Work to bridge the gap between Libyan telecommunications companies and the customers of these companies and the legislative authorities in the state so that this is done by reviewing, proposing and analyzing both:
Legal texts and materials, regulations and circulars, decisions and policies

Our vision

A leading foundation in promoting digital awareness and providing the necessary technical solutions to support the Libyan society. 

Our Values