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Policies - Libyan Technology Foundation

Policies: A project to regulate the system of technical legislation in Libya

The “Policies” project is one of the projects of the foundation and aims to regulate the technical legislation system in Libya through the preparation of draft regulations, laws and policies in this field.

Project Objectives:

  • Review current technical regulations, laws and policies: The project aims to review all technical regulations, laws and policies in force in Libya, and assess their suitability for modern technological developments and the needs of the country.
  • Preparing draft laws and new policies: The project works on preparing new drafts of laws and technical policies, in cooperation with expert houses, companies, local and foreign organizations, and a number of auditors with experience in this field.
  • Ensure that laws and policies are relevant to the Libyan reality: The draft laws and policies that are being prepared aim to be appropriate to the needs of Libyan institutions and the working environment within them.
  • Adoption of laws and policies by the government: Draft laws and policies are presented to the concerned government agencies for approval, and then circulated to all state institutions.
  • Publication of laws and policies: Approved laws and policies are published on the government website, so that everyone can view and be guided by them.