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    The First Fintech City Event

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    On Saturday, June 1, 2024, the inaugural #fintechcity event took place, bringing together a diverse group of individuals passionate about financial technology. The event featured a variety of engaging activities and culminated in a thought-provoking panel discussion titled “Fintech Opportunities in the Libyan Market.”

    Moderated by Ms. Daad Majed Al Sheikh, the panel featured:

    • Mr. Mohammed Al Hawla
    • Dr. Abdelsalam Al Hatttab
    • Mr. Ahmed Al Ardawi

    The panelists exchanged insights and expertise on the concept of fintech, its various fields, the Libyan market’s readiness to adopt such projects, investment strategies for fostering innovation in this domain among future generations, and the availability of future opportunities for youth to establish fintech companies and institutions.

    The discussion also addressed the challenges faced by financial companies from various perspectives, including legislation, regulations, and infrastructure.

    This event was held in conjunction with National Information Technology Day and as part of ongoing efforts to promote digital innovation and support growth in the Libyan fintech sector. The organizers emphasized the importance of embracing technological solutions and applications to keep pace with global advancements and achieve economic growth.

    Event Sponsors:

    Libyan Technology Foundation



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