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    LOITC becomes a member of the Internet Society 

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    We are pleased, honored to inform the Libyan technical community, especially the Internet Society’s approval of the organization’s official presence among its members. The Internet community is those who have the right to vote, influence, and decide in the global Internet community.

    The Internet Society is a global non-profit organization founded in 1992. It includes major organizations, non-governmental institutions, and international companies influential in the technology, Internet, and news sectors, universities, colleges, and academies, to name a few (Ericsson, Amazon, Google, Juniper, AT&T)., Facebook, Mozilla, Nokia, AFRINIC) and other major global institutions. 

    The Internet Society works to govern the Internet, free it from any restrictions, share technologies and strategies, and bring the voice of communities to global decisions regarding the Internet. This influence reaches the United Nations, ICANN, social media companies, governments, and agencies. 

    We have been working since May 25, 2021, during the preparations for the National Information Technology Day, and we received approval and congratulations for the celebration on the third of June. This is a very good indicator of the success of the National Day and its global resonance. Following this, we held several remote meetings via the Microsoft Teams application, By the grace of God, the Libyan Organization for Information and Communications Technology has been approved as a member of the Internet Society, starting from 7/1/2021, so that we can be one of the drivers of Internet communities globally, and we can obtain plans to introduce new technologies, bring strategies, and participate in global reports. 

    Our presence as a Libyan community entity in the Internet community will allow us to participate in defining the community’s priorities, strategies and plans, vote in community councils, bring studies, strategies and experiences to the Libyan community, form professional relationships with international institutions in the same field, and many other possibilities and benefits. 

    This announcement will be followed by other posts and articles in which we detail the tasks and benefits of our presence in the Internet community on both the local and global technical levels. 

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