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    Meeting with the Communications and Informatics Regulatory Authority

    On Tuesday afternoon, at the headquarters of the Communications and Informatics Regulatory Authority in Tripoli, a meeting was held between the Authority and the Libyan Technology Foundation.

    The meeting was chaired by the President of the Authority Eng. Abdul Basit Al-Baour, and attended by the directors of the concerned departments in the Authority, and the President and members of LTF. It was primarily devoted to discussing enhancing cooperation between the Authority and civil society organizations in the field of telecommunications, exchanging ideas and information on issues related to the sector, and identifying areas of joint cooperation.

    In his introductory speech, Mr. Abdul Basit Al-Baour expressed the authority’s readiness to cooperate with civil institutions, and reviewed some of the obstacles that may hinder the production of effective partnerships between the public and private sectors, foremost of which is the issue of confidence-building, as well as legal obstacles, noting that the authority is preparing a new telecommunications law that will take into account the development of the telecommunications sector and the need to build fruitful partnerships in order to reach the information society, stressing that the relationship based on solid foundations will be beneficial to the citizen first and to public and private institutions as well.

    For his part, the head of the Libyan Technology Foundation, Amin Saleh, indicated their aspiration to conclude a partnership with public institutions, foremost of which is the Communications Commission, given that it is the legislative body for the sector, as well as its functional competence and legal force.

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