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Telecom Eye - Libyan Technology Foundation

Telecom Eye: An Analytical News Window for Libya’s ICT Sector

Eye on technology project is one of the projects of the Libyan Technology Foundation, and it is an analytical news platform that aims to publish updates on technical news and communications, and to pay attention to the affairs of this vital sector inside Libya.

Project Objectives:

  • To be the main source of technical news: The project aims to make “Telecom Eye” the main source of technical and communication news in Libya, by providing comprehensive, accurate and reliable news content.
  • The platform should be the basis for information that the Libyan public circulates about telecommunications companies: The project seeks to make the “Eye on Communications” platform the main source of information related to telecommunications companies in Libya, by publishing accurate and transparent information about their services, offers and prices.
  • Reaching large numbers of users who wish to obtain correct news from a reliable source, and interacting with them: The project aims to reach large numbers of users wishing to obtain correct news from a reliable source, by publishing content through various electronic channels, such as the platform’s official website, social media pages, and mobile applications.
  • Providing specialized news analysis: The platform provides specialized news analysis on various issues related to the ICT sector in Libya, by hosting experts and specialists in this field.
  • Contribute to the development of the ICT sector in Libya: The platform seeks to contribute to the development of the ICT sector in Libya by spreading awareness of the importance of this sector, encouraging investment in it, and supporting startups in this field.