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General E-mail Policy - Libyan Technology Foundation


Libyan Enterprise Email Policy: An Important Step Towards Enhancing Digital Communication

The Libyan Technology Foundation is pleased to announce the adoption of the general policy for e-mail for Libyan institutions, after months of continuous work and tireless efforts from various stakeholders. This policy was approved by the Government of National Unity, great help from the Minister of State for Communication and Political Affairs, and strong support from the Public Information Authority.

Importance of Policy:

The email policy for Libyan institutions is an important step towards promoting effective digital communication in Libya, and providing a secure and reliable environment for the exchange of data and information. This policy contributes to achieving several objectives, including:

  • Unifying standards for the use of e-mail in Libyan institutions: The policy ensures that there are uniform standards for the use of e-mail in all Libyan institutions, which contributes to improving the efficiency of communication and data exchange.
  • Enhance cybersecurity: The policy sets out strict security requirements to protect email systems from cyber threats, and ensure the integrity of data and information.
  • Improving the quality of services: The policy contributes to improving the quality of email services provided to Libyan institutions, by setting clear standards for service and customer support.
  • Encouraging innovation: The policy stimulates innovation in the field of information and communication technology, by encouraging Libyan institutions to use modern and effective technical solutions.

To view the general policy of e-mail for Libyan institutions in its legal version issued by the Council of Ministers of the Government of National Unity on 18-11-2021 visit the following website: General Policy for Email